Toronto Skyline

Toronto Defiant

We are true to ourselves, and rise above the challenge.
We understand that our differences are the things that make us stronger, We are a city of many united with one belief — never back down.

And when we rise, we rise together. We are Defiant.
Logix - Andreas Berghmans
Logix Andreas Berghmans
Mangachu - Liam Campbell
Mangachu Liam Campbell
Yakpung - Kyeongmu Cho
Yakpung Kyeongmu Cho
sharyk - Normunds Faterins
sharyk Normunds Faterins
Gods - Daniel Graeser
Gods Daniel Graeser
im37 - Jin Hong
im37 Jin Hong
Aid - Jae Yoon Ko
Aid Jae Yoon Ko
ivy - SeungHyun Lee
ivy SeungHyun Lee
RoKy - JooSung Park
RoKy JooSung Park
Neko - SeHyun Park
Neko SeHyun Park